UNMISSABLE: Paul Capsis will perform a second show at Lismore City Hall this Friday.
UNMISSABLE: Paul Capsis will perform a second show at Lismore City Hall this Friday.

REVIEW: Paul Capsis' Addicted to the Nightlife

IT was the end of a long, hot day and I was tired. I was not in the mood for 'yet another' cabaret show.

But Paul Capsis' show, Addicted to the Nightife, is not 'yet another' cabaret show. 

Watching the show I became so excited I came out of full of energy.

Truth be told, the audience was in love with Capsis before he even got on stage, but what he delivered in vocals and interpretation made us gasp, made us keep our breath in, it made the audience feel many things at once.

Singer, actor and music filibuster, Capsis has reigned on the fringe of the stages like a pirate travelling the music seas.

He hasn't been doing much cabaret lately, until recently when he's rehearsing for THE cabaret show, the biggest of them all, a new Sydney production of the musical Cabaret, where he will play the role of the MC.

Well, Northern Rivers audiences know why he got the role now.

He does not just sing... he interprets, he embodies.

His voice can go from high falsettos to a very low register.

His effort when singing is easy to hear, but that effort is part of the emotional tones he sprinkles in his songs like magic fairy dust all over old music partitures.

You can hear the effort in Capsis' voice nor because of lack of technique, but for excess of emotion.

Capsis' emotional layers, embedded in each song on his repertoire, were intricate, mixing dark humour, melodrama, pure slapstick, satire and more.

Audiences of tonight's show had a fantastic end of their music year in Lismore.

I really recommend to attend tomorrow's show if you are a lover of music and the arts.

I happen to be seating next to a professional musician, a music teacher -a very well reputed one, in fact- who just flew in from the UK to visit family in Australia.

He had seen Capsis before on stage.

At the end of the show, this musician said to me: "one day, it doesn't matter if it is in two years or later, I would love to write an album for Paul Capsis, I would love to write an album with him."

We can just call it 'the Capsis effect."

I can only hope we don't have to wait another four years before he comes back to visit us.

  • Paul Capsis' Addicted to Nightlife is on Friday, December 30, at Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty St, Lismore, from 8pm. For details visit norpa.org.au.