REVEALED: The most popular car brands on Fraser Coast

THE most popular brand of car on the Fraser Coast has been revealed in Australian Bureaur of Statistics data.

Toyota was found to be the most popular car make in both Hervey Bay and Maryborough, by far.

In Hervey Bay and its surrounding suburbs, 7589 Toyotas could be found, while there were 3737 Toyotas in Maryborough, the Australian Bureau of Statistics' latest Motor Vehicle Census reveals.

The Fraser Coast results was representative of those for the rest of Queensland, where the Japanese brand was revealed as being the most common car in every postcode.

In the Hervey Bay postcode, the top 10 most popular cars were as follows:

Toyota: 7589

Holden: 4406

Hyundai: 3652

Mazda: 3069

Mitsubishi: 3008

Ford: 2926

Nissan: 2755

Kia: 1797

Honda: 1412

Subaru: 1337.

In the Maryborough postcode, the top 10 most popular cars were:

Toyota: 3737.

Holden: 2795.

Ford: 1854.

Hyundai: 1797.

Nissan: 1596.

Mitsubishi: 1500.

Mazda: 1368.

Kia: 802.

Subaru: 740.

Suzuki: 530.

Social commentator David Chalke said Toyota's domination was no surprise.

"Toyota are the classic brand dominator," Mr Chalke said.

"They're the Arnott's of the car market in that whatever sort of biscuit you want, Arnott's has got one.

"In the case of cars, whatever car you want Toyota's got a bloody good one."