John Kaye
John Kaye

Resurgent NSW Greens may need a leader

THE NSW Greens may have performed so well they have to rethink their level-pegging structure and elect a leader.

They are on track to pick up at least three Lower House seats - maybe four - with six Upper House slots also on the cards.

Under NSW electoral laws, the party would have to elect a leader if it had 10 or more MPs.

Dr John Kaye is the logical candidate for the leadership role as the party's longest serving MP.

He shunned the idea, saying: "We don't have a leader."

"We have a flat structure we are very proud of," he said.

The Greens have won inner-Sydney seats Balmain and Newtown, as well as Ballina. It is neck-and-neck between Greens candidate Adam Guise and his Labor opponent, Isaac Smith, in Lismore.

"It's a huge victory for progressive policies, the community and activism," Dr Kaye said.

"These seats on the North Coast have been comprehensively ignored by the National Party for decades.

"Lismore is still up in the air, but even if we don't win, it is a huge swing away from the Nationals.

"We didn't have the big budgets the other parties had - just people on the ground having honest conversations with the community."