Adele performs at The Gabba
Adele performs at The Gabba Mark Furler

Record-breaking Adele driven batty by Brisbane's bugs

QUEENSLAND'S bugs may have driven Adele batty but the British superstar can claim another gong to add to her haul.

The Adele concerts have set a new record for Brisbane concert crowds, with around 120,000 people packing The Gabba for two sell-out shows.

Adele herself praised the Gabba venue, though she admitted sweating it out in Queensland's hot weather.

And the presence of everything from mosquitoes to moths had the sensational singer squealing.

"They're everywhere. They're all trying to kill me,'' Adele screamed to the crowd on Sunday night.

It's not the first time Adele has complained of a country's wildlife.

A few years ago, she screamed about a bat at a show in Mexico.

"Welcome to Mexico," she joked. "It's really good to be here - but a f-ing bat?"

The superstar swore through much of her Brisbane shows commentary with plenty of F bombs.

"Because of the size of these venues, I get really nervous,'' Adele told fans.

"And when I'm really nervous, I swear a lot."

She acknowledged the presence of 'lots of kids' and advised them: "Don't swear mean but do swear to have a laugh.''

The singer famous for Hello, Skyfall, and Someone Like You,  admitted she found the Queensland heat pretty hard to handle, especially dressed in her long gown.

Speaking straight into one of the cameras beaming her onto the big screens, she said: "Look how sweaty my face is."

"How do you do it? (The weather). Do you even go outside?'' she said of the steamy condition.

Plenty did come out for Adele, however.

Minister for Sport Mick de Brenni said the monumental success of the weekend's two Adele concerts confirm that Queensland can put on the biggest and best shows in the world.

"The logistics worked, the transport worked and the weather even cooperated," Mr de Brenni said.

"Most importantly, over 120,000 fans had an amazing time. Everyone was good spirited and well prepared to really enjoy the night."

Mr de Brenni thanked Stadiums Queensland, emergency services and transport operators for their hard work delivering a complex event.

"I stayed back after the show with the Stadiums Queensland team on Saturday and saw some of the amazing hard work that was going on behind the scenes.

"The security and catering staff, the paramedics and police, transport workers and stadium crews all worked together to deliver two truly memorable nights. They all deserve our thanks.

"In the lead up to the Commonwealth Games Queenslanders should be very confident of our capability to deliver complex, world class events."

Adele lights up The Gabba as fans shine a phone light for the superstar.
Adele lights up The Gabba as fans shine a phone light for the superstar. Mark Furler

The record concert crowd in Brisbane before the event was 52,400 in 2012 for Coldplay.

The Gabba manager Blair Conaghan said the concerts had been a huge success.

"The Gabba has never hosted a concert this big before and everyone agrees Adele put on the performance of a lifetime," Mr Conaghan said.

"This weekend's concerts were around 20,000 people larger than the biggest event we've ever hosted at The Gabba, two nights in a row and the feedback has been fantastic," he said.

"The circular stage was the perfect fit for this venue, and it was great to see it come alive with such a fantastic live performer, the crowd truly lapped up every second of her performance.

Michael O'Brien of O'Brien Group Australia said it had been the biggest Queensland event the company had been involved in over the past 25 years.

Adele gave Brisbane a hearty hello in the first of two shows. Picture: Steve Pohlner
Adele gave Brisbane a hearty hello in the first of two shows. Picture: Steve Pohlner

"Each of the two nights we opened 91 food and beverage outlets and employed 1,600 food and beverage staff.
Adele fans went through 30,000 bottles of wine, 1,000 crates of champagne, over 1 tonne of seafood and 1250 kilograms of cheese and crackers."