Gold FM host Craig ‘Huggy’ Huggins.
Gold FM host Craig ‘Huggy’ Huggins.

Host urges listeners to wear masks after family tragedy

Gold FM host Craig "Huggy" Huggins revealed his mother passed away from COVID-19 on air today.

Huggins, who has been with Gold 104.3 for 29 years, wanted to share the personal news with his audience as a warning to help stop the spread and keep each other safe.

"Through Gold 104.3 I've always felt that you and I have had that sort of relationship where we can tell each other anything,'' said Huggins who presents weekdays from 9am-12pm.

"So I want to tell you that I'm finishing early today. In fact I'm going home right now.

Craig Huggins.
Craig Huggins.

"Sadly I've just received a call to let me know that my elderly mum Joyce has passed away at a nursing home with COVID-19.

"There's no need to ring me, I know your thoughts are with me and my family.

"But I just want to ask you to be careful. Wear your mask, social distance and do the right thing. Many people don't know anyone that's had the virus, but now you do - Huggy's mum. Stay safe and I'll be back in a new few days."

Huggins informed listeners on Monday that his mother's condition had deteriorated.

He said he wanted to keep being open and honest.

"You and I have known each other a long time,'' he said.

"I've been here since the very beginning of GOLD 104.3. You've shared the highs and lows, my two beautiful children being born, my wife having a cancer in her lip removed, my debilitating back injury.

"I've spoken about moving house. Becoming a godfather, my dad passing away five years ago and my kids doing year 12."

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