Private school kids earn more over the long run

STUDENTS at private Catholic schools are likely to earn 12% more than students at state schools over their lifetime, new research from the University of Melbourne has found.  

The research by the Melbourne Institute examined the effect of attending Catholic schools on students' long-term earning capacity.   

Using the institute's household, income and labour dynamics dataset, it found students in the private sector could earn an extra 12% over their lives.  

While it looked primarily at Catholic private schools, the study also found similar results in other private schools "suggesting similar benefits estimated for graduates of independent private schools".  

It also found academic achievement was not necessarily the main driver of higher lifetime earnings, citing a "better preparation" in private schools for students in later life.  

The study confirmed students at private schools were likely to earn 12% more over their life than those who only attended public schools in Australia.  

While the study found the results for students from primary, high school and university education, it did not assess the less tangible benefits of private school networks and existing family affluence in improving lifetime earnings.