The Beast
The Beast

Trump’s new big, brash and armour panelled limousine

President Trump has a new traffic stopper.

The new official limousine of the President of the United States - nicknamed "The Beast" - has been thrust into the spotlight at the United Nations General Assembly after it was outed on Twitter by the Secret Service.

Big, brash and impervious to most attacks the armoured mobile office is the latest in a line of presidential limousines.

The original debuted in 2009 and was President Obama's wheels of choice - its Secret Service codename is Stagecoach.

Details of The Beast are, understandably, closely guarded but what is known is impressive.

The Beast is reportedly encased in eight-inch thick armoured panels and five-inch armoured glass which are both bullet and bomb proof. Kevlar reinforced run flat tyres enable the Secret Service to get the President out of any hairy situation.

Lifesaving equipment is reportedly stored inside and includes a stockpile of the President's blood type, a defibrillator and oxygen tanks in case of a chemical attack along with a cache of weapons for the accompanying Secret Service members.

The Beast is one of the many armoured limousines in use. Source: Supplied.
The Beast is one of the many armoured limousines in use. Source: Supplied.

The Beast even gets its own plane as it follows the president on his international trips. A C-17 Globemaster is used to ferry the limousine which is believed to weigh about nine tonnes.

The Beast wears a Cadillac badge and is built by General Motors, but shares very few parts with publicly sold vehicles. It is built on a GMC - a brand not sold in Australia - medium truck platform and is powered by a large diesel engine.

A diesel engine is used not just for its heavy load hauling credentials but also because diesel has a much higher flash point than petrol.

A 2+3+2 layout accommodates a rear facing middle row and the two-seat third row features the Presidential seal.

The Beast is just one of the fleet of armoured limousines that are used to chauffeur around high-ranking diplomats and VIP guests.

In 2011, The Beast met its match when it got stuck on a driveway hump because of its low profile.