Mums to be can now connect with their unborn babies in a dedicated yoga class for pregnant women.
Mums to be can now connect with their unborn babies in a dedicated yoga class for pregnant women.

Pregnancy yoga helps mums enjoy the time

BUNDABERG mums to be can now take an hour out of their week to connect with their unborn baby, take notice of how their body is changing and address anxiety issues thanks to a dedicated pregnancy yoga class.

Run by yoga enthusiast and qualified instructor Leanne Toy, the Tuesday classes are designed for women at any stage during a healthy pregnancy and the benefits are numerous.

"Yoga is a really nice way for pregnant women to bond with their unborn baby," Ms Toy said.

"It doesn't matter if you have never experienced yoga before - it's very gentle and safe.

"There's nothing difficult and it can also be used to address specific issues such as back pain."

Taking the time to enjoy being pregnant is an experience the classes also encourage according to Ms Toy.

"With many women working right up until they are nearly ready to give birth, pregnancy can be such a fleeting time - it's over so quickly," she said.

"These classes give them that time just to notice what's happening to their body.

"It makes them aware if they are uncomfortable and gives them the opportunity to use yoga to assist."

Ms Toy said the benefits of yoga for pregnant woman also included the focus on breathing and techniques which could help during labour.

"Yoga helps prepare women for child birth," she said.

"They become more aware and concentrate on their breathing by learn to focus their minds."

And the benefits don't stop when the baby arrives, Ms Toy said yoga also taught mums a range of skills they could take into motherhood.

"It helps them become patient," she said.

Ms Toy said she had run the classes on and off for a few years but an increased interest had prompted her to begin the special classes once a week.

"I kept hearing that there wasn't much out their for pregnant women but I've been getting referrals from a pregnancy massage therapist and personal trainer so I know there are services out there for pregnant women," she said.

"It's all about getting the word out there so people know what's available.

"For the women who do come along they make a connection and support each other as well."