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Post on LinkedIn attracts over 25,000 likes

A POST on social media site LinkedIn has attracted over 25,000 likes and 1,955 comments.

The post, submitted by Australian demographer Bernard Salt, is about what alerts from social media apps don't need to happen.

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Mr Salt wrote: "Dear LinkedIn.

"I don't need to get messages advising of someone's work anniversary. This is not something anyone ever particularly celebrates. I have never received and nor do I want to receive an email saying happy work anniversary... Why do you clog up my inbox with such useless information?


"Bernard Salt.”

However, one person commented why it can be important to someone.

Lisa Thompson wrote:

"Bernard, this may come as a surprise, but I delight in celebrating others' work anniversaries. As a Millennial and Honours graduate from a Go8 university who worked throughout their studies to barely scrape by to afford rent in Sydney and three meals a day, I have only ONCE been offered the privilege of a contract longer than 12 months in my career thus far.

"Notifications about work anniversaries on LinkedIn may be a fleeting annoyance for you and others who haven't borne the brunt of increasing employment insecurity, but for people like me, they're cause for blowing the whole paycheck on eastern suburbs cafe-procured smashed avo (figuratively of cause, because let's face it, I'll never be able to afford real estate in Sydney, not matter how miserly I am with my money - but that's a conversation for another time)!

Her comment has received nine likes so far.