Sprung!! is set to kick off the return of live performance to NORPA's stage. (credit: Kate Holmes)
Sprung!! is set to kick off the return of live performance to NORPA's stage. (credit: Kate Holmes)

Popular production to kickstart NORPA’s return

NORPA is set to welcome back their first show on the main stage as Sprung!! present O' How I Dreamt of Things Impossible in October.

COVID-19 restrictions had scuppered NORPA's 2020 production calendar but recent changes to restrictions will see the show performed live in front of an audience with a second round of tickets now on sale.

The performance focuses on showcasing the everyday life of the ensemble and how they deal with their disabilities. The show has proven popular with the public after the first round of tickets sold out quickly.

"Ultimately their experiences are what make the show so profound," Artistic Director of Sprung!!, Michael Hennessy said.

"One dancer was hospitalised in his youth and unable to move, so to see him fully expressing himself in movement is a feat in and of itself, but to see him perform at this level is astounding."

NORPA's Artistic Director and CEO, Julian Louis said he had been impressed by the company's dedication to their craft.

"Sprung!! is a great testament to the drive and commitment that a small, independent dance and performing arts company needs to have to succeed. I'm endlessly impressed by their dedication to their craft and to the dancers. Sprung!! is one of the only dedicated performance ensembles in our region, that in itself is something to celebrate."

Sprung!! President and the show's producer, Robyn Brady emphasised how grateful the company was for the support which will enable the show's live performance.

"We held a successful crowd-funding campaign to which many people generously donated, it was matched by Brady Marine. NORPA has provided significant financial, creative and production support, and we've also gained support from the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body."

For tickets and more information: norpa.org.au