Sneaky police tactic sparks debate. Picture: Mr_Fate/Reddit
Sneaky police tactic sparks debate. Picture: Mr_Fate/Reddit

Is this undercover cop tactic fair?

A PHOTO of an undercover police car has emerged online, with a sticker in the rear window igniting a fierce debate about whether it is fair to include these kind of details on police vehicles.

The image of the Hyundai i40 was recently posted to Reddit and shows an undercover police car in Queensland with a 'My Family' sticker on the back window.

Flashing red and blue lights can be seen in the window above the family sticker, with the lights the only thing identifying it as a police car.

The picture first came to light on Boxing Day in 2015 but has since re-emerged, sparking the debate all over again.

Many people were not pleased about the stickers, saying the sneaky tactic "crosses the line".

"Having an unmarked car is fine. But this crosses the line into deliberate deception. They lose trust when they effectively lie," one person wrote.

Another added: "Baiting people into doing stupid sh*t and bookin 'em, revenue raising at its finest. You know what stops people driving like idiots? Marked cars. If they just made an effort to get more marked patrol cars moving around in traffic, you'd catch the actual d**kheads."

However other people believed the police were within their rights to use the stickers and suggested that if you aren't doing anything wrong it shouldn't be an issue anyway.

"I've no problem with undercover cops and whatever they do to make themselves more undercover. More chance of catching the idiots on their phones weaving in their lane," one person said.

"Unmarked cars do things to look like unmarked cars. Omg, who would've thought?" another said.

A spokesperson from the Queensland Police told that they employ a "suite of strategies", including traffic operations, to increase safety on the roads.

"There is clear evidence that increasing the chance and uncertainty of detection is a powerful motivator in changing peoples' driving habits," the spokesperson said.

Undercover cars have also been spotted with P-plates. Picture: NSW Authority Exposed/Facebook
Undercover cars have also been spotted with P-plates. Picture: NSW Authority Exposed/Facebook

"The very nature of a covert vehicle is to ensure that it doesn't stand out, that it is inconspicuous, and it looks like any other vehicle parked on the side of the road.

"Unmarked vehicles are used anywhere, anytime in Queensland to detect offences and enhance safety on Queensland roads."

Other people on the post claimed to have seen undercover vehicles use things like customised numberplates and paint decals to throw people off. One person said they saw another driver pulled over by a ute towing a trailer that had flashing police lights.

There was a similar reaction last year when an unmarked police car was discovered on the side of a highway in NSW disguised with P-plates.

Pictures of the silver Ford sedan displaying green P-plates were shared around social media after being uploaded to the Facebook page Sydney and New South Wales Authority Exposed.

"NSW undercovers busted trying to manipulate road users," the caption read.

One commenter suggested it was designed to "fool the young ones and encourage street racing".