Pia Miller with her Mazda CX-5.
Pia Miller with her Mazda CX-5.

Pia Miller is at home in her Mazda SUV

FIRST making a name for herself as a model representing brands including Myer and Qantas, Pia Miller is now a small screen star.

The Chilean beauty this year landed her first full-time television acting role in Home & Away, playing sultry cop Katarina Chapman.

Based in Melbourne with husband and former AFL player Brad Miller and her two sons, Pia splits her time between Sydney and Melbourne, and she gets around in a Mazda after becoming an ambassador for the brand.

What was your first car?

My first car was a Mazda3. I was a late bloomer with getting my licence - it was only about seven years ago. My hubby bought it for me in celebration of the massive achievement. It was a gunmetal grey automatic.

What are you driving now?

I'm now in a Mazda CX-5 Akera all-wheel drive and I love it - it is my little Mazda3's big sister. I love driving my CX-5.

It's an amazing car that ticks all of the boxes. Not only is it great to drive, but it's incredibly safe and that's very important to me when it comes to my family.

I'll go from yoga to football, even surfing with the kids, and the CX-5 is the perfect car for all of that. Plus it looks fantastic.

What car did your family have while you were growing up?

We were a Volvo family.

What is your greatest frustration on the road?

People missing turning arrows - I'm guilty of it too but it has to be one of the most frustrating things!

Do you have any preferred driving music?

I love a power ballad.

If you were to pick anyone in the world to go on a road trip, who would it be?

I have been on some awesome coastal road trips with my husband Brad and two sons where we pack our car with surfboards and Eskies. I would go around Australia with them any day!

What is your dream car?

A '60s Tahoe turquoise Mustang convertible with leather interior. A classic Mustang has always been my dream car. I always thought I'd want a black one until I saw the turquoise one in the flesh - it was love at first sight.

Vital statistics

Who: Pia Miller.

Born: November 2, 1983.

Resume: Miller won Dolly's annual modelling competition at the age of 13 and was working the runways in the US by the time she was 17. She later competed in the second series of Search for a Supermodel, and has gone on to appear in various advertising campaigns which included being the co-host of Qantas' in-flight entertainment programs in 2010 and was named the first Australian celebrity tourism ambassador for Chile in 2014.

See her: In Home & Away on Channel 7, 7pm Monday-Thursday.