CELEBRITY chef Pete Evans is locked in another social media slugfest with medical professionals who discredited the science in his documentary about the paleo diet.

Evans took to Facebook on Wednesday night to lash out at the Australian Medical Association after its boss Dr Michael Gannon tweeted that his film The Magic Pill was nominated in the "annual awards for the Film/TV least likely to contribute to the #publichealth".

It came after Dr Gannon told The Courier-Mail that the film's depiction of the high-fat, low-carb diet treating conditions such as autism, diabetes and cancer was "patently ridiculous" and "harmful".

Evans earlier this year defended himself online following similar backlash to his appearance on Seven's Sunday Night program.

The Magic Pill makes a case for eliminating processed foods, carbohydrates and grains, flipping the healthy eating pyramid to put meat as the largest food group.

Evans later took aim at the Dietitians Association of Australia after it also warned Australians away from the film.

"These stalwarts of the nation's health seem to be in love with the ingredient called ... bread and their advice is really helping our nation become the sickest on the planet," he wrote.