Passenger shamed over ‘nasty’ video



It seems all the warnings about following strict hygiene rules to stop the spread of coronavirus have had no impact on passengers doing weird things on planes.

From slipping off shoes and socks before takeoff, to manspreading across multiple seats - acceptable on-board behaviour has been changing for some time and now it appears clipping your toenails has joined the list.

A video of a passenger believed to be clipping his toenails on board a plane has sparked outrage on social media, with viewers of the video deeming the unknown passenger as lacking in "self-awareness" for his "nasty behaviour.


The photo sparked outrage on social media.
The photo sparked outrage on social media.

The video shows a man in beige shorts deciding to remove both his shoes and socks before reaching for his feet suggesting he begins to clip his toenails.

The video appears to have been filmed several weeks ago, and has received almost 800 comments from social media users sickened by the behaviour.

"Nasty," one person wrote.

"Clippers and chips of nail on the floor. Germs."

It's not the first time a passenger has behaved badly on board a plane.

Earlier this year, a woman left fellow passengers in shock after being filmed cutting her child's nails on board a flight.

The woman was reportedly on an American Airlines flight, with viewers saying they felt physically sick by the video.

Feet have become a major point of contention on board planes, with more and more passengers feeling the need to remove their shoes and socks while on board.

In November, a plane passenger was left horrified after spotting a stranger's dirty feet on her headrest.

The rude passenger put his feet on her headrest, so they sat just above her head during the flight.

The woman posted the image to Reddit, where it received thousands of comments.

"I think we should just ban other passengers," one wrote.

Another added: "Ew those are some dirty a** feet," another added.

"That is so wrong and I'm not sure how it can be comfortable for the person doing it??"

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The man was shamed on social media for appearing to clip his toenails.
The man was shamed on social media for appearing to clip his toenails.