Scene of a fight and stabbing in a park and street in Murwillumbah.
Scene of a fight and stabbing in a park and street in Murwillumbah. Steve Holland

Man facing murder charge allegedly threatened pregnant woman

A MAN facing a murder charge over a daylight brawl in a popular park allegedly lunged at a pregnant woman with a knife, a court has heard.

One witness has told Lismore Local Court of James Paul Alderton's alleged feigned attempts to stab a heavily pregnant woman early on in the dispute which left one man dead and two wounded on June 6, 2017.

Mr Alderton, 24, is facing a three-day committal hearing to determine whether there's enough evidence for him to face trial over the death of Charlie Larter and for allegedly wounding his son, Zackary Larter and another man, Joshua Mead.

One man called as a witness on Tuesday told the court Mr Alderton made "dummy thrusts" at the belly of a pregnant woman he had been arguing with.

He told the court Joshua Mead got between the accused and the woman before being stabbed several times.

The witness said the growing group tried to confront Mr Alderton as some armed themselves.

"There was nothing to disarm him with, there was only a few skateboards," the witness said.

The witness recalled throwing a bottle at the defendant, which didn't connect.

Others did the same, and someone threw a spanner at Mr Alderton, the court heard.

Defence barrister Jason Watts asked if he'd heard anyone yell, "hit him, Charlie" or "get him, Charlie".

He replied that he had not.

"There were ... people saying 'don't let him get away'," the witness said.

Another witness, a young woman, had told police in her initial statement people had surrounded the accused.

The court heard she saw people wielding various items, but could not recall who was holding what.

Mr Watts referred to the woman's police statement, in which she said she didn't see Mr Alderton either throw or drop a pole he had been carrying, but he then produced a knife an "swung the knife around and it went straight into Zack's left side".

"There were people yelling, I'm not sure who," she said.

The court also heard from a teen who had been filming the incident.

The committal hearing will continue on Wednesday.