The Morcombes on an earlier visit to the Fraser Coast.
The Morcombes on an earlier visit to the Fraser Coast.

OUR SAY: Two people saving children from untold tragedy

THERE is something humbling about being in the presence of people who are much braver than you.

As I watched Bruce and Denise Morcombe give their talk to the students at Maryborough's St Mary's Catholic Primary School yesterday, it occurred to me - we will never be able to quantify how many lives they've saved over the years thanks to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

We are blessed we will never know the name and faces of the children who might otherwise have become tragic headlines without their intervention.

The loss of their son Daniel to a heartless, violent predator was unimaginably devastating.

I'm sure there are still days these two wonderful people wake up and wonder if it was all a bad dream.

Thankfully they are helping others avoid ever knowing their grim reality.

Their wisdom on the matter of child safety is both impressive and heartbreaking.

I wish we didn't have to teach our kids that some people are bad and will hurt them if given the chance.

Their warnings about the dangers of social media brought home the fact that kids aren't even safe behind their own doors any more.

But we don't live in a perfect world and thanks to the Morcombes, kids are becoming increasingly prepared for what they might encounter.

The legacy these two wonderful people will leave behind is considerable.