REPRESENT: Ballina MP Tamara Smith
REPRESENT: Ballina MP Tamara Smith Suze McLeod

OPINION: Greens are getting on with it

IF YOU hate politics, block your ears.

The first few sitting weeks of parliament have been fairly depressing.

The Nationals Party now believe they have a mandate to push mining and CSG again in the west of our state.

I am not sure how suffering massive swings against them across the state and the election of two Shooters, Fishers and Farmers in the former National strongholds of Barwon and Murray gives them this confidence - but there you have it.

The Liberals are exhibiting Tory tendencies at every opportunity, even branding themselves "The Party of the People” following the failure of Labor to gain traction around wage increases and Franking credits during the recent federal election campaign.

The Minister for Customer Service has been grilled for 3 weeks on his role in leaking of Debt Recovery information on individual driver's fines as well as his department's involvement in a park being named after his cousin (I kid you not).

So nothing new from the Liberals- they continue to demonstrate their usual sense of entitlement that knows no bounds.

Labor are acting in a manner I have not seen over the last 4 years and possibly not seen before by anyone. They are in a state of absolute dejection suffering a complete loss of morale while they remain without a leader. Their leadership decision process is being drawn out until June 30 which means Labor's factions have gone into meltdown because nobody knows what their front bench will look like.

Labor's two leadership contenders, Jody McKay and Chris Minns, although both from the Right faction, have entirely different age and gender groups backing them. Most of Labor's women MPs are backing Jody and surprise, surprise, Labor's boys club is behind Minns.

We have heard barely a single interjection by Labor in 3 weeks of sittings, whereas in the past we may have heard dozens a day.

To say Labor are a rudderless ship would be generous.

The three Independents on the cross bench are in a newly powerful position having agreed to guarantee supply to the LNP in exchange for undisclosed favours- most likely chairmanships of Parliamentary Committees yet to be revealed.

It's worth remembering, the government holds its majority by just two votes and the last thing they want is the Greens and Labor to win a vote on the floor because one of their MPs is sick or on a toilet break.

And then there is us - the Greens.

Aside from my bout of pneumonia this week, our Lower House MPs now have a fancy new office with a window - a real step up from the windowless cubicles we had previously.

We also forced an Inquiry to improve the power of the new Disability and Ageing Commissioner, introduced a Climate Emergency Motion that will likely be supported next sitting, recognised the Aboriginal families of Bowraville and acknowledged the Arakwal's Native Title status.

A grand set a achievements for us Greens so far.

But then again I am biased as you know.