A man who stalked and then shot his ex-girlfriend while she was at the Star casino gym will walk free from jail this week after being granted parole.

An obsessed Todd Devaney walked into the gym where 28-year-old Holly Graham was giving a yoga class and shot her twice - in the rib cage and the hip - in May 2008.

The fitness instructor had taken out an apprehended violence order against Devaney after he continually threatened her after she broke up with him because of his drug use.

Devaney, 37 at the time, was a heavy drug user and had links to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Holly Graham outside court in 2008.
Holly Graham outside court in 2008.

Ms Graham was too scared to appear at his parole hearing on October 23. She did not want him knowing her new name or what she looked like.

"In this case it is better for the offender to be given parole where he will be given treatment and also be closely monitored,'' Victims Advocate Howard Brown said.

"Obviously Ms Graham has been made aware of his impending release."

Devaney pleaded guilty to shooting Ms Graham with intent to murder her.

He was sentenced to 12 years, with a non-parole period of eight years.

He was denied parole several times because of his refusal to enter into treatment programs until recently.

Devaney being arrested and held on the ground in May 2008 near the Star City Casino in Sydney.
Devaney being arrested and held on the ground in May 2008 near the Star City Casino in Sydney.

"At the time of the shooting he was obviously delusional and very, very dangerous," Mr Brown said.

He went to the gym on the day of the shooting wearing a fake beard and wig, and carrying a backpack with two pistols and 200 rounds of ammunition. He then shot Ms Graham in front of horrified people in the class.

"She was lucky to survive and it was only a matter of millimetres or else she would have died," Mr Brown said.

Originally published as Obsessed stalker who shot his ex-girlfriend getting out of jail