Looming cyclone to batter island with 100km/h winds

An impending cyclone over the Coral Sea is likely to batter Norfolk Island with winds exceeding 100km/h on Monday.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Andrea Peace said the looming cyclone is expected to become a category two system by Sunday.

"The system is a high chance of forming into a tropical cyclone on Saturday and continue to intensify into a category two system early on Sunday," Ms Peace said.

She said computer modelling had it passing to the northeast of Norfolk Island.

"Depending on the systems path there may be a period on Monday where storm force winds with gusts in excess of 120 km per hour are experienced at the Island."

She said it was too early to determine if it would maintain its cyclone structure as it passed Norfolk Island.

"Regardless, it has the potential to have tropical cyclone like impacts including very heavy rainfall and damaging winds."