Noelene Marchwiki.
Noelene Marchwiki. Channel 10

Noelene excited for life after MasterChef

FOR SOMEONE who has just been eliminated from a reality show, Noelene Marchwiki is surprisingly enthusiastic.

The 59-year-old is bubbling over with excitement for the new chapter of her life following her 17-week stint on MasterChef.

"Just because your time on MasterChef has finished doesn't make you want to cook less," Marchwiki told APN.

"I couldn't wait to get home to cook my way. I was really glad that MasterChef pushed me to cook other things and take on other challenges, but my goodness it was so good to get back into my kitchen and not share it with anyone else."

Marchwiki was sent home tonight after producing the least impressive dish in the Heston Blumenthal-inspired "theatre on a plate" challenge.

Her curried fish head with frozen curry jellies wasn't quite what Blumenthal had in mind.

"His style of cooking I'm a little bit out of my depth with and it cost me my position in the MasterChef kitchen, but that's ok," she said.

"I was really fine with it. It was the end of MasterChef for me, but the start of so many other things."

Marchwiki is launching her own catering business, called Dial An Occasion, where she cooks for people in their homes.

"I'm also doing cooking classes from my home," she said.

"Community cooking is something I'm really keen on. I want to show people you don't have to be a MasterChef to be a good cook. The best cooks are the home cooks because there's nobody who hasn't learned the basics from their family. It's a shame we overlook that. You don't have to go on a cooking show to get notoriety to say 'I can cook now'."

Marchwiki reckons it's anyone's game, but that Rishi Desai is the front runner going into next week's trip to Dubai.

"When the numbers dwindle and you're in the Top 10, the pressure's really there," she said.

"Everyone who's left now is a good cook.

"It's a little bit about luck and a little bit about what they've got to do on the day."

MasterChef airs Sundays through Thursdays at 7.30pm on Ten.