RISING STAR: Elliott McGaughran winner of the 16 years 3000m.
RISING STAR: Elliott McGaughran winner of the 16 years 3000m.

New track stars shine bright

TWO new stars of NSW distance running, both members of Byron Bay Runners, shone bright at the NSW All Schools Championships.

The Athletics NSW website has advised sports fans to "remember the names Elliott McGaughran and Kate Giddy as we will be hearing a lot more about them in the future.”

Elliott McGaughran won the 16 years 3000m defeating a high-standard field, while Kate Giddy won the 12 year 800m by 10 seconds and just missed a 31 year-old record by one second.

"Both athletes are from the Byron Bay Runners and are under the brilliant coaching of Caroline Bailey,” said the site. McGaughran himself was surprised even though he's been making great strides in recent events. His winning run of 8:26.68 was 21 seconds faster than his best time and sliced seven seconds off the record.

It was also the third fastest time 3000m in the 81-year-history of the NSW All Schools and fastest time for 37 years.

"I honestly didn't think I was going that quick,” he said. "I was shocked that I wasn't being smashed .

The young runner put his recent huge improvement down to the coaching of Caroline Bailey and the Byron Bay Runners.

Kate Giddy, a former sprinter was also surprised by her performance in the 800m.

"It was my fourth real competitive 800m, I was doing 100m and 200m events at state. Then I started doing more and long distance runs and XC. I started to enjoy running more and where I live is a lighthouse and started running there.”

Caroline Bailey is one of a number of coaches at the club including including Shaunagh Cassidy, Simon Byrne and Linda Watson, who manage the junior and senior squad totalling 53 athletes.