‘Naughty naked young girls’: Killer truckie’s vile videos


A Logan truckie was told repeatedly in court to stop staring at his phone and pay attention as he was sentenced in Beenleigh District Court on Friday for distributing child exploitation material via social media application Kik.

Holmview grandfather Peter Thomas Robertson, 60, who the court heard had previously been convicted by Grafton District Court for culpable driving causing death when he fell asleep at the wheel and killed two people, pleaded guilty to the single charge before the court.

The court heard Robertson's dissemination of the vile material occurred on September 5, 2017, via social messaging application Kik.

Holmview man Peter Thomas Robertson, 60. Picture: Facebook
Holmview man Peter Thomas Robertson, 60. Picture: Facebook

Robertson sent seven videos, which included penetration of pre-pubescent girls, accompanied by his own commentary which included phrases such as "really naughty naked young girls", "young innocent girls" and "tight *****", the court heard.

A referral was made to the Australian Federal Police on January 30, 2018.

Eventually, they traced the account to person named 'Stanley Smuck', who happened to have the same birthday as Robertson and used an email address similar to the username Robertson used to post the vile videos.

AFP conducted a search warrant on Robertson's home on July 19, 2018.

He initially denied knowing what Kik was but after sustained questioning, eventually admitted to sharing the material.

The court heard Robertson supported his 34-year-old daughter and grandchildren financially and so it was submitted on his behalf that he should not go to prison.

Judge Craig Chowdhury said the videos were "disgusting and disgraceful" but agreed Robertson should serve his sentence in the community.

He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, wholly suspended for a period of two years.

A conviction was automatically recorded.


Originally published as 'Naughty naked young girls': Killer truckie's vile Kik videos