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"How I got Reese Witherspoon to come to Australia" - Nagle

AT 42 years of age, a former Yeppoon woman happened to be in a place in her life where she could ask "What do I want to do when I grow up?"

A year later and Jacqueline Nagle is about to embark on one of the most rewarding experiences of her life, bringing her women in leadership project to Australia - featuring Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon.

Speaking with The Bulletin yesterday about her journey from living in Central Queensland to organising the conferences aimed to empower women, Ms Nagle said it was all about changing the way women think.

"We (women) are often our own worst enemy," Ms Nagle said.


The Simpatico Conferences are scheduled for mid-June and will visit cities across Australia and New Zealand.

"It has taken a year to pull it all together," Ms Nagle said.

Former Yeppoon woman Jacqueline Nagle
Former Yeppoon woman Jacqueline Nagle

"When I was organising the (Busi Women) conferences in Yeppoon years ago, I realised I had to bring someone big into the region. That is how I came up with Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser trainer)."

Ms Nagle said when she was brainstorming for Simpatico, she knew she wanted to bring someone from overseas who was multi-dimensional.

She said Reese fitted the bill perfectly - she's an award-winning actress who started a production company with an Australian partner which produces movies that have stronger female roles and has also been an advocate for Girls Inc.

Ms Nagle said her agent in Sydney was instrumental in bringing it all together - the conference and Reese's visit.

She said the biggest thing for her was she had a specific approach she wanted to put to Reese; that this conference was about helping women change the way they think so they are more empowered to achieve what they want.

She said once the approach was put to Reese (and her team), the first reaction received was 'we want to talk further'.

Ms Nagle said from there, it took six to eight months to get all the i's dotted and t's crossed.

The conferences will also feature a life coach from Yeppoon, Elize Hattin, who Ms Nagle met while she was living on the Capricorn Coast a few years ago.



"She is Central Queensland's best kept secret," Ms Nagle said.

BusiWomen's November Event with Elize Hattin. Photo Contributed / The Capricorn Coast Mirror
BusiWomen's November Event with Elize Hattin. Photo Contributed / The Capricorn Coast Mirror Contributed RCC


"The event offers the opportunity of a lifetime and will transform the lives of everyone who attends," Elize posted on Facebook.

"I am so super excited about the next few months."

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