A mother has been accused on social media of “child abuse” after having her eight-week-old baby daughter’s ears pierced.
A mother has been accused on social media of “child abuse” after having her eight-week-old baby daughter’s ears pierced.

Mum accused of ‘abuse’ after ear piercing

A UK mum has hit back after coming under fire for piercing her eight-week-old baby's ears.

Levi Connell, of Leeds, West Yorkshire, decided to have her daughter Willow's ears pierced despite reservations form both her partner and mum, Leeds Live reported.

But the 24-year-old mum pushed ahead with the plan regardless.

Now, she is firing back after hearing "on the grapevine" and reading Facebook comments describing the act as "disgusting" and calling it "child abuse".

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Ms Connell said: "When I first decided to get it done I had mixed reviews from everyone, including my mum and partner.

"Willow was eight weeks old and I just took her one day and had it done. Other people said she was too young but I just look at her now and she is perfect.

"It saves me the aggravation when she's little because when she's older she might say she wants them and then decide she doesn't and now it's done she'll have them forever."

Ms Connell had her own ears pierced when she was just 10 weeks old.

She said she had hoped to take Willow to have the piercings at four weeks old, but was persuaded to postpone it until the baby was a little older.


She said: "They did it with the piercing gun, so they drew dots on her ears, made a few alterations, did one and then she got a little bit upset with herself but they calmed her down and did the other."

Ms Connell said her daughter doesn't play with her ears as she knows the earrings "are there".

"I don't think anyone should have an opinion on something like this - would you discriminate because of a tattoo?" she said.

"You've got to live for today because you don't know what's around the corner."

She is trying to ignore the backlash she has received on social media.

"If people are questioning it, I would tell them to just go for it. Don't ask on Facebook because people will say, 'Don't do it because it's child abuse.'

"Make your own choice - it's your baby and you brought them into this world so you can decide what is best for them."


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