NSW Liberal upper house MP Peter Phelps.
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MP labels own party members 'lick-spittle yes-men'

A NSW Liberal MP has slammed the "careerist weasels" in his own party who told Premier Mike Baird his now-abandoned greyhound ban was a good idea.

Dr Peter Phelps told the upper house he was indulging in a "gratuitous post-try celebration" after his outspoken opposition to the ban was vindicated.

He was most critical of "sycophants" on the Liberal backbench who put their aspirations of power ahead of good policy.

"No, the real problems in this case are the careerist weasels - the spineless blancmanges who, knowing this was a bad decision, comforted the Premier that this was the right choice, and sought to defend it publicly, because they believe that the fast-track to ministerial preferment is to be a bobble-headed appeaser of Executive diktat," Mr Phelps told parliament.

"I say to the Premier: You cannot only rely on people who will only tell you that you are right, unless, of course, you are always only right."

Mr Phelps, who quit as government whip after crossing the floor to vote against his party's controversial ethanol laws in March, had a message for Liberal MPs who looked foolish in light of the greyhound ban reversal.

"Well, sucked in! You made your bed, now lie in it," he said.

"Good luck going back to your electorates and explaining the 180-degree backflip without looking like the utter gooses that you are."

He said the Nationals had showed "good old fashioned gumption" and the Premier's decision to reverse the ban "took great personal sacrifice and political courage".

He also tipped his hat to Liberal MPs Stuart Ayres, Niall Blair and Pru Goward for speaking out against the ban.

"Well done, Premier, you are too good, too noble, too decent for the vast bulk of the backbench of your own parliamentary party," he said.

"You need people who are willing to speak truth to the Executive, not lick-spittle yes-men."


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