Move over Scotland Yard, Facebook fans solve mystery

A ROCKHAMPTON woman has tracked down the owners of a black and white wedding photograph found in a second hand frame in 51 hours.

Sarah McLeod took to Facebook on Friday afternoon to see if she could unravel the mystery of the beautiful couple in the photograph she found in frame she purchased at Lifeline.

Thanks to the help of others, Sarah has managed to track down the daughter and grand daughter of the couple in the photograph -  William and Lyn O'Brien.

Bill and Lyn O'Brien on their wedding day
Bill and Lyn O'Brien on their wedding day

Mark Steedman said it was definitely William O'Brien as he worked with him as a boilermaker int he late 70s and early 80s.

Marie Kenny identified Lyn (nee Chellingsworth) as her sister-in-law.