A still from the film Surf the Line.
A still from the film Surf the Line. Hello Emotion

Mountain film festival climbs to the Bay

THE Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour will travel to Byron Bay to showcase seven of the best films from Canada's famous nine-day international festival.

Festival Director Jemima Robinson said the films reflect our thirst for adventure.

"These films prove there is still a lot of space on our big planet for new expeditions, unclimbed peaks, unknown destinations, and true adventure," she said.

Whether cycling across 43 countries, paddling a hand-made canoe down the Ecuadorian Amazon, or climbing Tasmania's notorious Federation Peak in winter - Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour stories are chosen to celebrate more than outdoor exploration.

The films coming this year are:


A still from the film Imagination.
A still from the film Imagination. Jake Dyson

Imagination (5 min, Canada)

Have you ever been that little kid sitting in the back seat of your parents' car, wishing you were somewhere else? So you imagine a skier on the side of the road, your fingers commanding back flips and roof drops, improbable rail slides and huge airs. Well, what if your imagination came to life?

Loved by All (14 min, Canada)

Apa Sherpa has climbed Mount Everest 21 times, but he wouldn't wish this upon anybody. Having grown up in the remote Khumbu region of Nepal, Apa was forced to leave school and work as a porter at the age of 12. For Nepal's rural people, the income earned as a high altitude porter conflicts with the dreams made possible only through education and knowledge.

Dug Out (41 min, UK)

Ben and James decide to travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, live with an indigenous community, learn from them how to build a canoe from scratch, then take that canoe on a journey. What could go wrong?

The film follows Benjamin Sadd (a film-maker) and James Trundle (an artist) as they travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon to build a canoe from scratch, then travel alone through the rainforest.

The journey builds on their 10 year friendship in this isolated and often challenging environment, testing their relationship as they struggle to deal with the conditions and the complexity of the issues that surround this part of the Amazon Rainforest.



A still from the film Winter on the Blade.
A still from the film Winter on the Blade.

Winter on the Blade (30 min, Australia)

In the heart of winter, on July 8, 2016, two climbers were making their precarious way up Federation Peak's North West Face.

After ten hours of nerve wracking climbing that involved negotiating more than 400 metres of vertical rock, Mark Savage and Mick Wright were nearing the crescendo of their epic climb when a slimy, overhanging roof blocked their way to the summit.

By this point, it was too late to turn around. Savage tried to climb the same route twenty four years ago, and failed miserably. This time, as he climbed through the dark, exhausted, he must have wondered, will things be different this time?

Pedal (8 min, USA)

Coming from the Netherlands, Hera van Willick grew up on a bicycle, and cycling across continents, solo and self-supported, had become her way of life. Forty-three countries down, via deserts, mountains, rainforest and the Arctic, this is her story so far...

Stumped (25 min, USA)

Climber Maureen Beck may have been born missing her lower left arm, but that hasn't stopped her from going hard.

She pushes her 'stump' to the limit, tackling the tough grade of 5.12, while sinking the occasional early morning beer. She isn't making excuses for herself though. "I don't want to just be a good one-armed climber," Maureen said. "I want to be a good climber."