STAR GAZER: Our own Patsy Bennett
STAR GAZER: Our own Patsy Bennett Contributed

Moon could hold secret to happiness

RENOWNED astrologer and regular Byron Shire News contributor Patsy Bennett will launch her new book Astrology Secrets of the Moon at 5.30pm on Friday October 16 at Mary Ryan's Bookshop in Byron Bay.

The new book provides a detailed guide to understanding the moon's north node signs.

"We are all familiar with our sun signs, but when used in conjunction, the moon's north nodes can provide a detailed picture of what can truly make you happy, explaining clearly what will lead you to a more productive and satisfying life," Ms Bennett said.

"Each north node description has a list of approaches, talents, interests, challenges and potential pitfalls that define each of us, as well as an affirmation to help you focus on your own special attributes.

"Based on your unique astrological make-up you will also discover your most successful career paths, your most rewarding activities and the most fulfilling approaches to life that you can take.

"My new book can really help if you are looking for a greater understanding of yourself and those around you."

Ms Bennett has been an astrologer for 20 years with her daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly horoscopes published in newspapers and magazines throughout Australia.