The Mole's Shura Taft.
The Mole's Shura Taft.

The Mole's Shura Taft has Mustang and Audi desires

CURRENTLY at the helm of Channel 7's The Mole, Shura Taft took time out to talk about his motoring past and present.

What car do you drive?

Currently I'm driving a black 2000 Subaru RX Impreza Sports Wagon.

I love that it's all-wheel drive, never breaks down, has plenty of room for my golf clubs, nephews and other important items.

One thing I hate about it is that it's 13 years old and is slightly falling apart inside. It also has a little bit of a funky smell (my fault).

When you were young, what was your family car?

I was brought up in a 1988 Mitsubishi Magna wagon. It was silver and a manual and I learnt to drive in it. My parents owned it until it died. Part of me misses that disgusting, hard to drive death trap.

What was your first drive?

My first car was a 1994 white Toyota Camry.

I have no idea why I bought a family car but it was eventually bought by a family for their daughter. I'm hoping it's still out there somewhere getting someone from A to B.

Do you have a dream car?

My ultimate car would be a 1969 Ford Mustang. I'm not a huge rev head but it's genuinely the only car that makes me turn my head every time I see one.

I just love the steel factor of the car and its engine just sounds manly.

That or an Audi S5. Pure driving perfection.

Shura Taft.
Background: Shura has had a stellar career in TV. After school, he studied biomedical science with the dream of being a doctor. But, after a stint of backpacking, decided a career in television was his calling. He has since forged a reputation as a versatile presenter, easily flitting between childrens' shows to a travel documentary and entertainment programming and sport. He has also appeared on various variety shows.
See him: Hosting The Mole on Channel 7, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm, Thursday at 8pm.