IN THE FINALS: Mick and Matt Newell.
IN THE FINALS: Mick and Matt Newell. Channel 7

Mick and Matt MKR's comeback kings but Seven ad spoils end

TASMANIA'S Mick and Matt Newell are the comeback kings of My Kitchen Rules, winning a spot back in the reality cooking competition.

The father-son duo won the final Comeback Kitchen cook-off tonight in judge Colin Fassnidge's Surry Hills restaurant and will join the final four teams in this week's finals.

Mick credited their triumph over the other three teams to their calm and collected cooking style.

He said it was "really nice" to beat MKR "villains" Ashlee Pham and Sophia Pou.

"They were very cocky and arrogant, and watching the show now we know they were totally two-faced," he said.

The father and son staying cool under pressure in Comeback Kitchen.
The father and son staying cool under pressure in Comeback Kitchen. Channel 7

The drama wasn't just in the MKR kitchen though - fans of the series took to social media to complain after Channel Seven inadvertently gave away who won the cook-off with a misplaced ad.

Seven has issued an apology after they aired a promo for the next week showing the Tassie boys back in the kitchen, before the cook-off ended.

Channel Seven is reportedly trying to establish which states exactly the promo aired in.

Tomorrow's episode will show the final four teams' reactions to the return of an eliminated team.

Newell said he has mixed feelings about his and Matt's return to Kitchen HQ.

"I felt a bit bad in one way," he said.

"The top four teams are obviously thinking 'we are the semi-finalists', and then Matt and I march through the doors totally unexpectedly.

"We've been off practising with Colin and getting tips, and all of a sudden they've got to do a big five-way cook off."

Newell reckons Hervey Bay's Dan and Steph Mulheron are his biggest competition.

"They work harder than everyone else," he said.

"They would work all through the night practising; no one else did that."

He labelled personal trainers Luke and Scott as "overrated" but said young Sunshine Coast siblings Jake and Elle Harrison are a team to watch.

"Jake and Elle are fantastic cooks," he said.

"They're young but they're very good."

He reckons the show has done wonders for Matt, 21.

"Matt came into it a timid young man and he's coming out the other end confident, with a new career in the field he really wanted to get into," he said, referring to Matt's new job at a community radio station in Hobart.

"It's been awesome to watch."

Australia has certainly enjoyed watching the lovable pair, who were the favourites to win the show before they were eliminated last month.

My Kitchen Rules finals week continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 7.