Meet the man with 4800 beer cans



IT all started in 1976 with a cricket fan and a special release can.

Rod Hogan was as excited as everyone to learn Tasmania would compete for the Sheffield Shield in 1977.

He celebrated by purchasing a limited edition can of Boag's.

Rod Hogan has 4800 beer cans in his collection. Picture: Eddie Safarik
Rod Hogan has 4800 beer cans in his collection. Picture: Eddie Safarik

"I decided to keep one of those and it ended up with a few friends," Mr Hogan said.

"There weren't too many cans around, but once I started seeing a few more I thought I'd add to the collection and it got out of hand."

Mr Hogan has since fashioned several oak shelves to house 4800 cans.

The 64-year-old beer can collector has become more selective since nearly running out of space at his Howrah home.

"I try and get the major Tassie cans from Boag's and Cascade," he said.

Picture: Eddie Safarik
Picture: Eddie Safarik

"It's nice to track down something harder or older, you never know what's out there."

Mr Hogan said rare cans were auctioned at up to $350 on eBay among hardcore collectors.

His most prized tin was from Carlton United with a special lid aiding Cascade Brewery after it was gutted in the 1967 bushfires.

His next goal is to score a commemorative can featuring football stars from Courage Brewery which shut down in the 1970s.



Mr Hogan is one of about 25 "serious" Tasmanian collectors, 300 Australian Beer Can Collectors Association members and thousands of international devotees, with the biggest collection in the world belonging to a Brazilian heart surgeon.

Mr Hogan enjoyed sharing the "buzz" of his hobby with others.

"People who find out about my collection and take a look, they get blown away," he said.



Originally published as Meet the Tassie man with 4800 beer cans