Police are on the hunt for a group of about 15 who were allegedly involved in the assault of a 20-year-old man on Saturday night.
Police are on the hunt for a group of about 15 who were allegedly involved in the assault of a 20-year-old man on Saturday night. FILE

Glass bottle used in vicious attack on man

Tuesday 10.25am: POLICE are calling for witnesses to come forward after man was assaulted at Wollongbar.

A party for young adults was held on Saturday night at Wollongbar.

After the party a victim was approached by several males and attacked.

The victim was punched and kicked to the head, and struck to the head with a glass bottle.

The victim was taken to Lismore Hospital and treated for a cut to the head.

Police are currently investigating and are calling for people involved in the brawl to hand themselves in. 

We are coming into the party season, and no doubt there will be more unpleasant incidents. If you are having a house party here are some tips

* If your guests are under 18 years old you can't serve them alcohol. It's an offence and the consequence is a hefty fine

* If uninvited people attend the party, ask them to leave straight away. If they don't leave contact your local police. If it is an emergency call Triple Zero (000)

* Let the police know that you are having a party by completing the Party Registration Form online.

* Consider how the party will be advertised. Don't use Internet, SMS or email distribution lists, online notice boards or social networking sites. If word of the party has spread you will need to take extra preventative measures (ie. change venue, more adult supervisors, hire a security guard, ask neighbours to notify you of any unusual behaviour).

* Guest lists should be kept to a manageable size. If you are hosting a young person's party, and you are expecting a large number of people, consider asking other responsible adults to assist with supervision, or consider hiring security officers.

* Consider numbering your invitations or have the guests produce their invitation at the door in order to get entry. Accompany this with a door list to ensure only those invited are allowed to enter. This is relevant for adolescent parties.

* Make sure your party has a definite start and finish time, and that your guests know what these times are.

For more tips on how to have an incident-free party click here.

Police reference is E66084138.


Tuesday 5am: POLICE are investigating what is understood to have been a random attack by a mob on a 20-year-old man, who was left bloodied and injured on a Wollongbar sidewalk.

It's alleged the man and a friend were leaving a large house party on Rifle Range Rd on foot after the party was shut down about midnight on Saturday.

A short time later, the pair were approached by a group of about 15 people who didn't attend the party, police said.

Richmond Local Area Command Chief Inspector Nicole Bruce said it was "clearly senseless violence", with the group accused of starting the fight with the 20-year-old man, who was punched in the head and torso.

Chief Insp Bruce said the group fled the scene and left the man bloodied and nursing his injuries on the sidewalk.

The victim, with deep cuts to his head, arms and legs, was later driven to Lismore Base Hospital by a relative.

Chief Insp Bruce said police were called to the hospital to interview the victim about the fight but he was unable to provide a description of his attackers.

The victim's friend, who assisted him after the attack, has provided details about the incident to police.

Investigations are continuing and police are asking that anyone who witnessed the assault or has any information about it call Crime Stoppers NSW on 1300333000.