Man allegedly cut off partner’s clothes as she screamed


WARNING: Graphic content

IN A terrifying incident, a man allegedly used a knife to cut off his partner's clothes as she screamed at him to stop in Byron Bay last week.

The alleged domestic violence incident, where the accused man also allegedly tried to choke his partner of six months with a seat belt, left a woman with a cut to her head and large bruises on her right arm and left hip.

Police allege the whole ordeal began after the 24-year-old man lost it over a bottle of coke.

The man was charged with nine offences including assault occasioning bodily harm, malicious damage and using an offensive weapon to commit an indictable offence when a trip for food on Tuesday allegedly took a dark turn.

A Brunswick Heads woman returned to her home to find her partner allegedly smoking cannabis.

They both then left to buy some food near the Byron Bay Woolworths in the woman's car.

It is alleged, the accused gave the victim a dishevelled $10 note and asked her to buy him a bottle of coke.

As the store didn't sell coke, the victim purchased herself some food and gave back a different $10 note to the accused than the one he had given her.

The man was allegedly so angry, he verbally abused his partner before punching her multiple times in the arm while she sat in the driver's seat.

It is alleged he told the victim to take him towards Suffolk Park and as she started driving he continued to abuse and threaten to "bash" the victim.

While they were travelling on Jonson St towards Bangalow Rd, the accused allegedly grabbed the victim's seat belt while she was driving and pulled it upwards.

The seat belt wrapped tightly around the victim's neck, strangling her for about 10 seconds, police will allege in court.

They allege when he released his hold, the man punched his partner five times on her upper arm causing extreme pain.

The woman stopped her car near Bay Baker, got out and sat on the grass.

When she got back in the car, the accused started to get angry again and kicked the inside of the vehicle hard enough to dislodge the passenger side airbag cover panel.

It is alleged he also kicked the gear stick, snapping off the covering.

Police say the accused grabbed the woman's mobile phone and threw it inside the car, cracking the screen.

Members of the public nearby were alerted by the commotion.

It is alleged the accused then produced a knife and started to cut the victim's clothing as she sat in the driver's seat of her car.

Police say he cut the complete left-hand side of the alleged victim's shirt, exposing her left breast and bra while she screamed at him to stop.

It is alleged the man punched and threatened to kill his partner after she told him she was going to the police station.

The woman drove to the Main Beach car park and stopped.

Police said a male bystander approached her in the car and asked her if she was okay due to the state she was in and seeing the injury on her arm.

After the woman told the bystander what had happened, the accused allegedly got out of the car and ran onto the beach.

The man was arrested on Friday and it s alleged he had an extendible knife in his possession at the time.

He was refused bail by police but was granted conditional bail by the court and will next appear at Byron Bay Court on the July 27.

*For 24-hour domestic violence support call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.