SIGNATURE INVENTION: Prawnstar's Paul Signitzer is a man on a mission to perfect fishing lures.
SIGNATURE INVENTION: Prawnstar's Paul Signitzer is a man on a mission to perfect fishing lures. Alistair Brightman

Prawnstar in the business of hooking the big one

SEEKING out the best lure has been a natural tendency for anglers craving for that magic feeling of reeling in the big one.

Now a new wave of artificial offerings is hitting the stores that will transform your next angling adventure into an exciting, funfilled day of hard hook-ups and exhilarating fish combat.

Prawnstar Gold is a proven catcher of thumping big fish including barramundi, mangrove jacks, flathead, snapper and bream.

This second-generation Prawnstar lure, intricately designed in Hervey Bay and refined in the waters off Fraser Island, is helping anglers hit bag limits on a regular basis.

Whether you're targeting specific species with honed techniques or just the average fisho going for "anything", the Prawnstar Gold is a game-changer.

"You can't imagine the sense of pride it gives me to know that I helped someone have a magic time catching fish," Prawnstar Gold owner Paul Signitzer said.

The secret is its ability to flick its tail like a live wild prawn while consistently remaining snag-free in waters that are difficult to target with other lures.

"Within the first 10 minutes of fishing, I landed a 90cm-plus barramundi, and it wasn't the last of the day," Signitzer said.

Compared with the original Prawnstar lure produced in 2000, this one has an innovative new leader system that is tough as nails and dead easy to rig, new glow in-the-dark eyes for added visibility and a 10% softer body for a better flicking action.

Signitzer, whose infatuation with fishing was inspired by countless adventures with his father, said the success of the Prawnstar Gold had been the story of the Australian underdog getting a win.

"With big business driving the lure industry, I turned to my mates and some local knowledge to give me the edge," he said.

"Ten percent of anglers catch 90% of the fish, so I tapped into this know-how to refine Prawnstar Gold. A couple of the boys started trialling prototypes and provided the sort of advice that only skilled anglers can.

"The feedback was that it needed a simpler rigging system, a better flicking action and a change in texture to bring it closer to the feel of a real prawn so I acted on this advice." With a shed full of Prawnstar Golds and a swag of retailers on board, Signitzer's business is still a small operation, but that's the way he likes it.

Watch him perform a demonstration and it's not hard to imagine that his backyard business is, in some part, a way to support his fishing obsession.

"So many people have ideas they would like to turn into reality," he said