ONE OUT: Lone protester Adaja Black outside Byron Bay Police Station.
ONE OUT: Lone protester Adaja Black outside Byron Bay Police Station. Christian Morrow

Lone protest against police violence

A LONE protester rallied outside Byron Bay police station on Thursday morning in response to shocking footage of a violent arrest of a naked, 16-year-old boy in a lane way last month.


Anti-police protest Byron Bay: Singer-songwriter, Adaja Black protested in front of Byron Bay police station criticising officers involved in a violent arrest of a naked, 16-year-old last month.

Adaja Black from Bangalow stood outside the station with three signs protesting against what she believed was the excessive force used by four police officers when arresting the a young outside the backpackers in Lateen Lane, Byron Bay.

Several passing vehicles honked their horns in support of her protest while others shouted encouragement.

Although she does not know the victim personally, Ms Black said she was inspired to mount the protest after seeing the video and being involved in several firey Facebook clashes with people defending the police' actions.

"I'm protesting about the brutal attack that was aired on ACA on Tuesday night," Ms Black said.

She dismissed online comments focussed around whether the young man was resisting arrest, affected by the drug ICE or simply drunk.

"I don't think that's got anything to do with what's happened here- I think this whole propaganda thing about the war on drugs and us having this massive ICE epidemic happening here is not true.

"Yes ICE is a really bad drug, but there is absolutely no evidence to say this boy was on any form of drugs, he was actually asking for a glass of water which tells me that he was probably drunk and wandering the streets, looking for attention and playing the fool.

"There is nothing to suggest that he was any form of drugs and ICE is a drug that makes you completely paranoid so its unlikely that he would be naked and on ICE."

Ms Black has no sympathy for police who are often called out to deal with incidents involving drug affected and/or violent people.

"I don't have any sympathy for violence, these are four full grown men, this boy is 16 and naked," she said.

Ms Black was eventually joined by three other protesters.

After 15 minutes protesting three police women approached Ms Black telling her the Police Superintendent would be happy to speak with her by phone and answer any of her concerns.

"It was great to see three police women out here, a bit of feminine energy out on the street wouldn't hurt," she said.