Local ‘angel’ saves couple stuck in South Africa

A LOCAL 'angel' came to the rescue of a Lismore couple stuck in South Africa, and secured tickets for them to flight back to Australia.

Lismore Heights residents Janine and Trevor Davey are currently on a flight to Sydney, which they boarded hours before South Africa closed its borders.

The Daveys were on board the NCL Spirit Cruise ship that docked in Capetown, South Africa, on Sunday along with 151 Australians.

According to Janine's brother John Bortolin, they were able to find tickets to return home thanks to the intervention of Lismore travel agent Janelle Beucker.

"I was contacted by an angel, the lovely Janelle Beucker, who lived just across the road from my family home where I grew up in Lismore," he said.

"I gave Janelle the flight details of the only Qantas flight available and two tickets appeared out of nowhere from a sold out flight.

"How lucky was that!

"I can't thank Janelle enough, and she's already helping other Australians that need help to get home."

Ms Beucker was also able to include two more couples from Hobart on the last Qantas flight from Johannesburg after the border closure.

The Daveys, along with 50 other Aussies, left the ship and were trying to make their way back to Australia.

Mr Bortolin said he received other offers of help that may be of assistance to the rest of the Australians in South Africa.

"I was contacted by another angel called Jose Bishop," he said.

"Jose sent me a text and said 'do you still need help with your sister?".

"I said 'Yes. Have you got a jet?' and he said 'yes, actually'.

"Jose said he could organise a private charter plane to fly to Cape Town to pick up all 120 passengers and get them home safe. So, I'm currently co-ordinating between the cruise ship, Jose and some of the passengers.

"It's a bit of a long shot but fingers crossed to get them all home. "

Mr Bishop also co-ordinated the return of passengers from France who arrived safe last night to Sydney and he's currently finalising the return of a group of passengers from South America.