Leaks suggest funding for Sydney

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay will not say how much of next week's State Budget will be dedicated to upgrading the Pacific Hwy despite leaks to the media suggesting the bulk of the funding is destined for Sydney.

Since the Federal Government announced it would contribute $3.5billion to the Pacific Hwy duplication should the State Government match the offer, drivers have held high hopes the deadliest road in the state could finally be fixed.

While Mr Gay has already said he "can not and will not" match the offer, North Coast residents have been anxious to hear how much the State Government is willing for fork our for the much needed upgrade.

On Tuesday the Daily Telegraph reported a government source had confirmed just 30% of the $3.4billion state roads spend would be directed to regional projects.

At least $2billion of that has reportedly been set aside for busy city roads.

Coalition MP's have repeatedly called on the Federal Government to agree to an 80/20 funding split rather than the current 50/50 offer.

A spokesman for Mr Gay's office would not be drawn on whether or not North Coast residents could expect the State Government to set aside the 20% they have been talking about.

"All questions will be answered in next week's budget," the spokesman said

"I can not comment on what might or might not be in the budget."

Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese has maintained the Australian Government will only honour their $3.5billion offer it is matched "dollar for dollar" in Tuesday's budget.