Toddler wreaks havoc on Morning Show


TV PRESENTER Laura Csortan learned the hard way that toddlers and live television can be a difficult combo during a lively appearance on Seven's The Morning Show.

Csortan, 41, appeared on the show yesterday with her "free spirited, loveable handful" 18-month-old daughter Layla Rose, discussing how motherhood has changed her life.

Csortan was keen to chat, but little Layla Rose proved she had no interest in the confines of morning television, wreaking all sorts of havoc in just one 60-second segment of the interview.

Laura Csortan had a lot on her plate this morning.
Laura Csortan had a lot on her plate this morning.

Already roaming freely throughout the set, Layla wandered back to where her mum was being interviewed by hosts Kylie Gillies and Ryan Phelan - and immediately bumped her head into the edge of the set's glass coffee table.

It was a heart-stopping moment as Laura scooped up her daughter, but the toddler brushed off the mishap without even shedding a tear.

Cuddling up on the couch though, Layla got pretty fidgety, pulling her mum's top to one side and threatening to give her a live TV wardrobe malfunction to rival Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl.


Laura’s daughter didn’t want to play ball.
Laura’s daughter didn’t want to play ball.

Then she was on the move again, squirming to be let go so she could run around again. This time, she'd managed to get her leg tangled up in her mum's microphone cord.

By now, the interview had well and truly gone off the rails, with Phelan and Gillies struggling to maintain their composure.

Layla, meanwhile, was off happily wandering around the studio again as her mum struggled to get back to the topic at hand.

Layla Rose 1, The Morning Show 0.