Perth's Gemma is the first housemate evicted in the 2014 season.
Perth's Gemma is the first housemate evicted in the 2014 season. Paul Broben

Larger than life Gemma first Big Brother housemate evicted

GEMMA'S attention-seeking behavior got her booted out of the Big Brother house tonight.

The Perth nurse made a tearful exit after fretting over the night's result.

Her sometimes controversial strategy to cause a stir got her a lot of camera time but when the decision was left in the hands of her fellow housemates she had few friends.

"I wanted Australia to be seeing me all the time, both negative and positive," Gemma told host Sonia Kruger.

"I had a great time; I might have looked like I wasn't. I liked to push the buttons."

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In the confronting face-to-face eviction, the housemates had to tell Jake and Gemma why they voted to save one person over the other.

It became quickly clear that "Jakey" was the favourite amongst the housemates and it started to feel like the last kid picked at sport.

Only teacher Priya chose to stand behind Gemma so she wasn't alone.

While she encouraged the viewers to back her teammate Jake, she said bubbly blonde Skye had a good chance of winning.

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But she said most of the housemates weren't playing the game yet, despite a visit this week from last year's winner Tim Dormer.

"People aren't thinking strategically at all," she said.

Earlier in the evening magician Lawson proved himself to be a gentleman, immediately offering Aisha $20,000 out of the $30,000 they won in a dancing challenge.

He and Aisha then decided to give $5000 to Jake, with Lawson keeping the remaining $5000.

While Ryan thought it was a generous act, Katie reckons there's more to Lawson than meets the eye.

The housemates will vote in their second nomination tomorrow.

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2014 Big Brother First Eviction voting results

Travis and Cat: 39%

David and Sandra: 36%

Jake and Gemma: 25%