Chantelle Groben loves her tomatoes.
Chantelle Groben loves her tomatoes. Craig Warhurst

Killer idea to take a share of the big time gardening action

WATCH out Goomeri.

Giant pumpkin competitions have been all the rage since becoming a big deal in the US over the past 20 years, particularly with your agro alpha gardening competition types.

But the big news is that all the major competitive gardening action overseas is switching from pumpkins to tomatoes.

And Imbil is keen to claim its slice of the juicy tomato action, with the upcoming Mary Valley tomato festival.

And, with entries open to gardeners all over the country, big prize money is also available - $1000 for the heaviest tomato on the day and a massive $15,000 if you break the world record.

Of course that will take some doing.

The record, set in the US in 1986, is held by the grower of a giant 3.5kg monster.

Townsfolk at Imbil are whipping themselves into a puree of excitement after the success of their experimental "trial" festival in January.

Organisers said they were happy to acknowledge the big Goomeri pumpkin festival and had selected a date (the first Sunday in December) that would not clash.

But they do admit to a connection.

One local wag entered the preliminary competition for the heaviest tomato, with a nice round Jap pumpkin, painted bright red.

Tomatoes entered in the competition can be red, yellow and even green, so long as they can be eaten.

"The only winner that has to be ripe is the smallest tomato contest," said one organiser.

The plan includes big involvement by community groups.



  • World record tomato weight 3.5kg
  • Grew out of pumpkin contests