George Michael anonymously gave $15,000 for IVF treatment to Lynette Gillard (left)
George Michael anonymously gave $15,000 for IVF treatment to Lynette Gillard (left)

Joy as woman George Michael donated $15,000 to gives birth

IT'S a tiny twist of joy to a heartbreakingly emotional story. A fitness instructor who the late George Michael anonymously gave $15,243 (£9,000) for IVF treament has given birth.

Lynette Gillard, 38, had tried desperately to conceive for 13 years before she went on the game show Deal or No Deal in 2008. On the show, she talked bravely about hoping to raise enough cash for another round of IVF. She only walked away with a small amount (£3,000) but an anonymous donor contacted TV chiefs to generously add to that figure.

The only condition? He remain anonymous.

That donor was George Michael who watched her on the show and wanted to help.

Now, welcome to the world Seth George Hart, who is two-months old. He was given his middle name as a tribute to the late singer.

His mother has gone public and revealed she only found out who the donor was on Christmas Day last year, after the 53-year-old pop superstar's death.

She told The Sun on Sunday, "I found out that I was pregnant on the day he died. The first time I held my little boy I said thank you to George. His hit Jesus to a Child was playing and it felt surreal. I hope he's looking down, smiling, knowing I have what I've always long for. He believed in me and gave me hope to keep trying even when I felt it was useless."

Her story has so many twists and turns; it's packed with inspiration.

She split from her then partner and fell in love with Nathan Hart. Michael's gift enabled them to have medical tests, which confirmed she had cells that were killing off embryos. She was treated but her ninth round of IVF still failed.

They didn't give up.

They gave it one more go - and conceived naturally.

"I'm sure when he grows up Seth will look up to George as an inspiration," she said.