Joe Biden’s close link to Ballina (well, kind of, sort of)

PRESIDENT elect Joe Biden has a close association with Ballina. He even visited there in 2016.

Biden has distant family members still living there and his supporters even erected signage supporting his tilt at become the next President of the United States.

We are talking Ballina, Ireland, rather than Ballina, NSW, but the two towns are inextricably linked and therefore the Northern Rivers' can bask in the glory of Biden's victory by distant association at least.

You see, Biden's great-great-great grandfather, Edward Blewitt, was born in Ballina (Ireland) before emigrating to the United States after the famine.

As Vice President under Barack Obama he paid an official visit to Ballina in 2016, and has been back to the town several times on unofficial visits.

Many Irish from Ballina and the county it is in, Mayo, emigrated to the US and settled around Scranton which is the town Biden grew up in,

Both Ballina, NSW, and Scranton share the honour of being twin towns of Ballina, Ireland.

Let's hope when Joe Biden becomes the next president of the United States the good elected representatives of Ballina (NSW) invite him to visit on his first trip to Australia as the leader of the free world.