Jeff Horn says he plans to ‘rough up’ Terence Crawford.
Jeff Horn says he plans to ‘rough up’ Terence Crawford.

Horn says he only ‘needs one shot’ against Crawford

JEFF Horn's world title fight against Terence Crawford is unlikely to go the distance in Las Vegas - one way or the other.

The American has won 23 of his 32 professional fights by knockout and Horn is talking up his first punch ahead of the June 9 defence of his WBO welterweight title.

"I only need one shot ... He's going to be fast and hard to hit but, if I can land it, he's definitely going to be on the back foot," he said on Wednesday.


Horn, whose colourful trainer Glenn Rushton says he has "the right hand from hell", says it's all part of his strategy to upset two-division world champion Crawford.

"I can't sit back there and think I'm going to counter-fight another counter-fighter," he said.

"He's very good at doing that and I've just got to rough him up a little bit."

The 30-year-old - with a 3-4kg weight advantage over Crawford - said he felt in better shape than he did before his 2017 points title win over Manny Pacquiao.

Terence Crawford after retaining his the WBO belt.
Terence Crawford after retaining his the WBO belt.

"Weight-wise, I'm pretty good. I'm actually in the 70s (kgs) at the moment ... So if I can stay here or get a little bit lighter, I'm going to make it (the weight limit) easily," he said.

Rushton hinted Horn had dropped numerous opponents in the past few weeks while sparring.

"I don't punch and tell but I'm doing very well at the moment," he said in reply to a question about his sparring partners.

Horn will continue his preparation with American boxer Ray Robinson, who had previously beaten Crawford.

"I've been fighting for 10-plus years. I've got the skill, I've got the know-how," Horn said.