It will be Jake and Elle versus Dan and Steph on Sunday.
It will be Jake and Elle versus Dan and Steph on Sunday. Channel 7

Jake and Elle victory means all-Queensland MKR grand final

SUNDAY will be an all-Queensland My Kitchen Rules grand final after Jake and Elle Harrison won tonight's second semi-final cook-off.

Hearing they would be competing in the grand final, Jake described it as "nuts".

"It's definitely one of my proudest moments," the 20-year-old said.

"I can't describe it; it's just the best feeling. I got goose bumps. It is an achievement of grandeur."

The siblings will be competing in the grand final against Hervey Bay couple Dan and Steph Mulheron.

They may have less years of experience in the kitchen but their competition would be foolish to underestimate the siblings because of their age.

Jake and Elle have continually wowed both the judges and the crowds throughout the competition, scoring themselves two people's choice awards as well as the highest score in MKR history in their only sudden death cook-off.

"To win people's choice twice was a highlight," Jake said.

"It means people actually like our food, no cock and bull."

They acknowledged that Dan and Steph would be a tough team to beat but were excited to compete against fellow Queenslanders.

"We both want each other to succeed which makes it special" Elle said.

It is the communication between the siblings that will be just as crucial as their food in seeing them take out the title.

"We are definitely so close we can almost read each other's mind but when Jake is under pressure he stops talking which makes me so frustrated," she said.

After wowing the judges with their three-course meal tonight, Elle said the hardest part in preparing their five-course menu for Sunday's showdown will be topping what they had already cooked.

"I think what we did was pretty amazing and now to make something even better is going to be really hard," she said.

"We want to cook highly technical food that tastes delicious but is very Jake and Elle and we just want to make our parents proud," Jake added.

Win or lose the siblings couldn't be prouder of their time in the competition and not only have their culinary skills improved but so has their bond.

"We are just two peas in a pod now," Jake said.

"I learnt that I can trust her more."

"I've found Jake opens up a lot more to me now which I love," Elle added.

"If we win, great but if we come second we are so proud of ourselves and we're so happy."

"The nerves keep hitting me but we are pretty stoked just to be in the grand final."

Regardless of Sunday's outcome the duo already have a cook book and ice-cream range in the works.

The My Kitchen Rules grand final is on Sunday at 6.30pm on Seven.