Elizabeth Born says the crystals inspiration business she runs for women with partner Peter Crockett is proving hugely popular.
Elizabeth Born says the crystals inspiration business she runs for women with partner Peter Crockett is proving hugely popular. Darryn Smith

Inspirational crystals good news

PERHAPS now is the perfect time to launch a business based on inspiration.

Peter Crockett and Elizabeth Born have owned Crystal Carvings Australia for the past four years. It is a Noosaville-based wholesale crystal jewellery business that stocks a range of 800 items in 300 gift stores, tourist shops and airports around Australia.

About four months ago, the duo branched out to launch Crystals 2 Inspire, offering fundraising and sales party plan-style events that are about as far removed from Tupperware as you can get.

The parties use an entirely different range of jewellery than what is found in gift stores.

"We realised crystals have a meaning so we designed a process that takes people into a more inspirational space in their life and gets them to think about what they want to be inspired by based on the meaning of the crystals,"; Ms Born said.

"And we decided party plan was the best opportunity to do that.

"I have run about 12 parties so far on the Coast and in Brisbane, including some in the corporate sector, and women are saying they are more inspired than they have ever been.

"And we find the groups choose to donate the hostess gift back to charity, because the whole feeling is not about sales or the individual.

"I just want to inspire women, give them some time to forget about everyone else to focus on themselves and share their dreams.";

Ms Born and Mr Crockett have been running a management consultancy business for the past 20 years, inspiring businesses in a more formal manner via courses in leadership, strategy, culture and change management.

The goal with the new business, even in these early days, is to take the party plan concept nationwide.

"I am looking for partners in the business who will be inspiration leaders, women who want to inspire others, be inspired and generate a flexible income.

"I am getting to the point where I can't keep up and I can't possibly run it across Australia.

"We have had a few people interested already, including from Sydney.";

Ms Born said apart from the energy emitted by the crystals, there was a reason the business was taking off.

"With the recession, interest rates, the floods and the negativity on the news, it drags you down,"; she said.

"People are hearing about their friends struggling in business, so when people are given an opportunity to put all that aside and start to think positively, they want to, they want to hear good news. To hear other women's stories and the things they are motivated about, so that's part of why at the moment this is really pertinent. People walk out feeling fantastic.";