Kate Beckinsale’s incredible transformation

Flowing locks, an incredible figure and a glowing face: Kate Beckinsale looked every bit as youthful as the toy boy she was spotted with recently.

She was seen passionately kissing comedian Jack Whitehall - 15 years her junior - at a karaoke bar in LA before the pair headed to an $3600-a-night hotel.

At 45, Beckinsale seems to have reversed the clock when it comes to ageing.

But her bouncing hair and pearly white smile are a long way from what she looked like when she burst on to our screens in the '90s.

Here, Sun Online reveals the secrets behind Kate's dramatic transformation.


When Kate burst on to the acting scene, her teeth looked very different.

Now, she has a gleaming Hollywood smile.


Beckinsale at the Shooting Fish premiere 1997. Picture: Rex/Shutterstock
Beckinsale at the Shooting Fish premiere 1997. Picture: Rex/Shutterstock

She's previously revealed that she's had dental cosmetic work done and Dr Uchenna Okoye, a dentist with London Smiling, tells Sun Online he reckons she's had a gum lift, which "trims and improves the aesthetics of the gums" and costs around $700.

"It also looks as if she's had $27,000 veneers - to improve the colour and shape and also expand corners of her smile, as well as whitening," he adds.

"Her gums look inflamed in the earlier photo, but whitening improves the health of the gums. This procedure costs between $1000 to $1800."

This means it's possible she's spent almost $30,000 on dental work.

Kate may have been regularly voted one of the sexiest women in the world, but as a nerdy youngster she "loathed" being a teenager and said she was a "late bloomer".

"I was monumentally ugly until I was about 15 so I still have that mindset," she told a reporter back in 2008.

"I grew up feeling and looking like an ugly duckling and that was such a huge part of my self-image. I could not even accept boys paying me attention."



Kate in September of this year. Picture: Getty
Kate in September of this year. Picture: Getty


Although Kate looks like she's defied the ageing process, she is adamant that aside from dental work she has had no other plastic surgery done: not even Botox.

She's rumoured to have had a nose job, fillers and a facelift - but denies the claims.

"You're welcome to look for scars," she told Women's Health magazine in 2012.

"I haven't even done Botox. Look, I can move my face. But according to popular opinion, I've had everything on my face replaced.

"I read somewhere I had my chin replaced. I wouldn't know the first place to get a chin!"



At the start of her career. Picture: Getty
At the start of her career. Picture: Getty


Worth an estimated $21 million, Kate has access to one of the best facialists in Hollywood, Kát Rudu, whose milk and sugar 'rejuvenation' peels cost around $500 for 60 minutes.

Kate credits Kát with keeping her skin glowing and blemish-free.

Speaking to E! News, Kát says it's all about hydration. "When I work on Kate we do an exfoliation, we do a pore cleansing of course, and I am really known for my extractions.

"Then we go into hyaluronic acid which she is obsessed with. We just pour hyaluronic acid on to the skin for a really long time and just massage it and massage it.

"And then we end it with a vitamin oxygen infusion. That's what Kate loves. She's very simple."

Surprisingly, Kate also credits $14 Cetaphil soap with keeping her skin looking fresh and sparkling, and says she was "obsessed with sunscreen" when she was growing up.

She put this down to the sun giving her "freckles in the shape of a military moustache," but says her use of sun cream prevented her from getting sun damage, one of the biggest causes of premature skin ageing.


Beckinsale in 2016. Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for BAFTA LA
Beckinsale in 2016. Picture: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for BAFTA LA


Her current tanned appearance, which celebrity experts say could be due to regular spray tans, is a far cry from the pale look she sported as a young actress.

She now prefers a more toned-down makeup look from her younger years, where she'd often be seen experimenting with a bold lip.

Her smooth skin can also be attributed to the fact that she avoids alcohol.

In 2016, Kate told US magazine Shape: "I feel (alcohol's effects) very quickly, so I've never actually had an entire glass of anything alcoholic."



The mum-of-one at a GQ party last year. Picture: GQ
The mum-of-one at a GQ party last year. Picture: GQ


Kate is now known for her super-sleek, glossy hair - but she didn't always have such enviable locks.

In her earlier red carpet shots, she sports a much more '90s hairdo.

In 2006, she was also spotted with what looked like a bald patch, with Hollywood experts putting it down to either stress or overuse of hair extensions.

However, her bouncing locks indicate that she's not given them up yet, according to celebrity hairdresser Martyn Holmes.

"Kate may be blessed with thick hair anyway but I would guess that she has at least a half head, if not full head of hair extensions for length as well as thickness," Martyn tells Sun Online.

"This is likely to have cost in the region of $1800 (for half head) or $3200 (for full) which she probably has replaced every three months."


Beckinsale during production of the TV film adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Emma', circa 1996. Picture: Getty
Beckinsale during production of the TV film adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Emma', circa 1996. Picture: Getty


And her fabulous brown locks require regular trips to the salon.

According to celebrity stylist Jay Birmingham, she'll need to go "around every eight weeks for a glossing treatment to inject shine back into the hair and give the colour a refresh."

Kate is a regular of colourist Tracey Cunningham, who is one of the most sought-after hairdressers in Hollywood, counting Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga among her clients.

Appointments at Tracey's salon Mèche in glamorous Beverly Hills start from $180, with highlights costing $700.


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As a teenager, Kate suffered from anorexia and underwent four years of psychotherapy to beat it.

Now long-recovered from the condition, Kate credits clean living and exercise to her slim frame, and often shows off her rock-hard abs to her two million Instagram followers.

However, back in 2001 she was shocked when she was told she should "work out" and lose weight by Pearl Harbor's director, Michael Bay.

"I had just had my daughter and had lost weight but was told that if I got the part I'd have to work out and I just didn't understand why a 1940s nurse would do that," she said.

These days, Kate works out five or six times a week with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson and has said that while she starts out "absolutely dreading it", she ends up feeling "100 per cent better when I leave".

"Working out is basically nature's antidepressant. I love yoga, and that's all I used to do, but hardcore workouts have really made a big difference in my life," she told Shape magazine.

"I have a lot of internal energy, and intense exercise helps me channel that energy. I find balance by doing a workout that makes me pour sweat. I never was that girl before, but I am now.

Yoga is still part of her life - and she's even posted a photo of herself doing goat yoga - but also does circuit training interspersed with "brutal cardio, such as crazy things on a non-motorised treadmill".



Kate also says she avoids carbs as they "make me feel very sluggish", preferring to eat mostly protein and vegetables which "suit my body nicely".

A former vegetarian, she suffered from low energy on the set of Pearl Harbor, and was advised to start eating fish and chicken, which she reintroduced into her diet.

Now, she says they are a big part of her diet and mixes them with a lot of sautéed vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli.


Beckinsale’s boyfriend, comedian Jack Whitehall, is 15 years her junior. Picture: Getty
Beckinsale’s boyfriend, comedian Jack Whitehall, is 15 years her junior. Picture: Getty

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

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