OPINION: It's not okay to break up or fire people via text

I MUST have missed an evolutionary point in our human interaction state of affairs.

Apparently now it is ok, even acceptable, to make life-changing statements via text message.

You can now send someone a six-letter update on the status of your relationship.

Itz Ova.

As my dear sister found out just a few weeks ago, you can go from cloud nine thinking you had found a keeper in the boyfriend department to a state of utter confusion when he sends you nothing but a termination notice and no explanation.

I guess that's where our age gap becomes more apparent.

I would have rung up the gutless wonder without hesitation to demand at least some interaction on the matter.

Tear-filled face to face encounters are, after all, character building and at least you can have some closure on where it all went wrong before both walking away.

But my 18-year-old sister just resigned herself to the fact it was over.

It also seems ok for employers to text something to the effect of U R Fired.

Last month Sydney and Brisbane wharf workers were advised by a midnight text message that their services were no longer required.

When did this become ok?

We are facing a serious social de-evolution if we continue to condone this type of behaviour and brush it off as a sign of the times.

Anything that means anything to you in life should continue to be dealt with face-to-face and maybe even throw some tact in for good measure.