The HAPIfork - an electronic fork that vibrates when you eat too fast.
The HAPIfork - an electronic fork that vibrates when you eat too fast.

How much would you fork out to slow down your eating?

A FORK which vibrates when you are eating too fast is being hailed as a way to help people eat healthier, slower and lose weight.

And already more than 220 people have backed the product, pledging more than $22,000 for its development.

According to the KickStarter crowd sourcing website, the HAPIfork  was awarded the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 Innovations Award and also was voted Best Gadget of CES by PCMag.

The fork is available in pink, green, or blue for those who kick in at least $US89.

"HAPIfork allows you to simply and quickly monitor and reduce the speed at which you eat your meals,'' the website says.

"Slowing down and paying attention are important steps towards the goal of creating and maintaining healthier and smarter eating habits.

"When we eat by ourselves, we might also be watching television, working, or doing other things.

"When we eat with friends, we're relaxed and want to have a nice time. Both these situations make it much harder to remain conscious of how quickly we're eating''

"HAPIfork records when you touch your fork to your mouth, and can tell how long the interval is between each fork serving.

"If you eat too fast, HAPIfork alerts you with a gentle vibration and indicator light to discreetly remind you to slow down.

"Over time, these repeated reminders from the HAPIfork allow you to adopt good eating habits.''

The fork monitors the following activities during your meal:

  • The number of "fork servings" taken per minute and per meal.
  • The specific duration of each "fork serving" interval.

  • Your overall meal duration.
  • The exact time at which you start and end your meal.

You can upload your information either via bluetooth on your mobile, or using the USB cable (included) when you connect your HAPIfork to the computer.