Colin Heaney of Byron Bay.
Colin Heaney of Byron Bay. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

The House of Heaney

MULTI-talented Colin Heaney was gracious enough to let us into his home.

Colin sculptures, is a designer, artist and artisan, and his house reflects his many talents.

"I like architecture, I have made furniture, worked with glass for many years, and more recently fashion and now homewares," says Colin.

Colin built the house 11 years ago.

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"When I built this house, I had a couple of things in mind. I was trying for something between a palace and a temple, but obviously on a smaller scale and more intimate," he laughs.

"I love a Mediterranean feel; I think it suits our climate. And I like curved spaces, but rectangular shapes are much easier to furnish.

"When people come here, they think that this a round house, but its not, it's actually a rectangular shape.

"But where everything joins, the ceiling to the walls, I soften that space, which gives a rounded effect to the entire space.

"I'm also very particular about proportions, for instance the ceiling height to the length of the room; I try to keep everything in proportion where I can.

"This house is double brick, which gives a great sense of solidity. I also love detail and the parquetry floors, for instance, add a beautiful detail.

"I love colour. The outside wall for instance is pink, but most of the walls are in fact, chalk white, but the colours I do use are very bright.

"Right now I'm doing a range of cushions, they are similar prints that I have used in my caftans, but some of the colours are a little softer.

"I work from home now, but when I have visitors, we mostly spend time in the living room, with the sliding doors that lead outside, looking on to the pool.

"I love entertaining around the dining table. It's set low with lounges all around it and cushions.

"That means after a meal, people can recline and relax and not have to move anywhere!

"It's very relaxing way to live."

Home Style Pacific Vista Drive, Byron Bay.
Home Style Pacific Vista Drive, Byron Bay. Mireille Merlet-Shaw