Seila Plosko home schools her two boys Silas, 7 and Quinn , 5.
Seila Plosko home schools her two boys Silas, 7 and Quinn , 5.

Home schooling positive choice for Bucasia mum

SEILA PLOSKO began her homeschooling journey five years ago.

The Bucasia mum of boys Quinn, 5, and Silas, 7, said it all started when her eldest was enrolled in a Montessori school in Canberra.

"At that stage, I had a strong feeling he would be best off staying at home," she said.

"He's a bit of a wild spirit and can't sit still. I figured he would probably have a lot of trouble at school."

Mrs Plosko said despite the fact it was a Montessori school, there were a lot of rules and her son struggled with the structure, so she decided to explore schooling from home.

In the homeschool environment she has been able to tailor learning to the needs of her boys, while enjoying freedom and flexibility.

"We don't have normal days," Mrs Plosko said.

"We do a lot of things spontaneously through play.

"We have projects, for example, growing things in the backyard, exploring local wildlife and meeting up with other homeschool friends.

"We do a lot of things around the house. I teach my kids how to do everything. From cooking, shopping, gardening, to money management."

While it sounded idyllic, Mrs Plosko said submitting a homeschooling program to the State Government was considered difficult for some.

"You need to develop a program in line with the Australian curriculum," she said.

"And report back yearly on each child's progress."

As an audit manager in her previous life, Mrs Plosko said she was comfortable writing reports and submitting evidence in accordance with government expectations.

But she acknowledged it could be daunting for others.

"I've been told by both education officers and parents alike that there is a lot of confusion about what is required by the State Government," Mrs Plosko said.

That said, the decision to homeschool had been a positive choice for the family and the plan was to continue with it as long as the boys were happy to.

"It really is a wonderful way to connect with your child," Mrs Plosko said.

"It's been very encouraging to watch the children develop and grow.

"When you home school you can provide your child with lots of different opportunities and help them explore their passions to a much greater extent than they could in a school setting."